What is an apple shape?

A woman with an apple shaped figure usually has a larger bust line, a less defined waist and smaller hips. If your midriff is larger than your hips and slightly larger than your bust you are considered to have an apple shaped figure.

The best swimwear tops for apple shaped women.

If you are what is considered to be an ‘apple shaped’ body type and want to cover your belly as well as add some volume to your bust line, try out a 'tankini' with padded cups to even out your shape and hide the tummy.

A ‘tankini’, as the name implies, is a bathing suit top similar to a tank top. Look for Lycra fabrics that will hold your tummy in a little but at the same time not tight enough to cause rolls.

However if you are well endowed, be sure to purchase a top that has support to avoid looking dowdy.

The best swimwear bottoms for apple shaped women.

When your mid section is a problem area, it can be minimized with larger pant style bottoms and one-piece suits that have control panels.

2 piece suits can be purchased with adjustable and high-rise bottoms or the popular ‘boy shorts’ and are the most flattering for this shape. As well suits that are cut high on the thigh will make the waist line look slimmer as it will draw attention to your legs.

Create an illusion by pulling the eye to your best assets, whether it is you legs or your bust line, with favorably placed accents such as bows.

General swimwear rules for women with an apple shape.

Stay away from designs that are too fussy. Instead wear large prints or bold, colorful patterns.

Make sure your tummy isn’t hanging over tiny bikini bottoms.

Think about investing in a sexy beach smock or cover up to wear to and from the beach.

Find suits that have an expandable side panel or fold over waist so you can make it as big or as small as you want to fit your needs.

Color choices for an apple shape.

Wearing darker colors will have an instant slimming effect. One usually thinks of black, but why not be daring and try a deep red or rich purple instead? If you are very fair, black is not your best choice.

Apple shapes should stay away from metallic colors, shiny fabrics and horizontal stripes. This makes your mid section appear larger and that’s exactly what you don’t want.


If you’re not comfortable with wearing a full out bikini, look for a trendy suit that looks like a one piece with a longer top, in a darker color (choose one that just skims the area above your hips) and with a classic high cut bottom. Show a small strip of your torso and this will keep you from looking stocky and shapeless.